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True to its standards and ethics, RHODES SOLUTIONS is fully aware of and respects all international, national and local laws applicable to their activities; as well as local customs and traditions to ensure the cultural footprint of our activities is minimized.

Medicina Bona, Locis Malis

Nick Parisot

Pinantan Lake, BC


Adapting to the modern world’s challenges and bringing up to date techniques, RHODES SOLUTIONS specializes in all your INTELLIGENCE, RISK ASSESSMENT, ASSET PROTECTION, MEDICAL SUPPORT, AERIAL IMAGERY and TRAINING needs.

At RHODES SOLUTIONS we understand that perfection is the minimum acceptable standard in matters of safety and security.  To ensure that perfection is OUR minimum standard we have established a team of dedicated individuals.

RHODES SOLUTIONS employees are true professionals. 

Educated at the most prestigious military institutions and allowed to hone their skills with extensive experience in the world’s most demanding operation theatres, our team’s technical expertise is second to none.  This only forms the basis for our skillset though, as the second level of experience and training comes from the application of this technical expertise in the commercial environment.

This combination allows RHODES SOLUTIONS to respond directly to Corporate Level decision makers with the information, planning, and answers they require.

From UAV operation to project management, from land survey to remote mapping expeditions, RHODES SOLUTIONS has access to a vast array of resource based skills and qualifications that you will appreciate when technical issues arise.

So whether you have specific training and service needs, or if you need help determining what your project needs are, RHODES SOLUTIONS will provide the clarity you require to ensure safe and efficient project execution.   Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will tailor a RHODES solution to meet your need.​

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