Tree survival counts
Regeneration species analysis
Weed mapping
Tree height derivation
Plantation health
Post fire analysis

Drones provide the ability to capture on-demand maps for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches using manned aircraft, and at a much higher resolution than satellites. Unlike satellite data we operate on an on-demand basis, and our drones fly quite low and so aren’t affected by cloud.

The resolution of our maps is usually 5cm per pixel, and if required we can provide higher resolutions. We can also process the data to deliver full 3D terrain models (e.g. DSM, DTM, points cloud) and the accuracy of the 3D data is generally around 5cm laterally and 5-8cm vertical. 

These outputs are fully geo-referenced and ortho-rectified meaning measurements and calculations can be taken directly from them. This can be anything from basic distance and area calculations right up to stockpile volume analysis, sight lines or measuring the grade of a surface for road planning or water runoff.

In an increasingly digitised world, our drones provide the ability to easily and accurately capture your site and gain all the benefits of computer modelling and analysis for planning or monitoring your projects.

RHODES SOLUTIONS Air Branch provides high quality aerial mapping, survey and data collection services, as well as general aerial photography and video.

 We provide professional services using Unmanned Aerial Systems (more known commonly as ‘drones’) locally and occasionally also overseas. Whether you are looking for asset inspections, high resolution aerial maps, stockpile volume analysis or promotional videos we have experienced staff and the best equipment to deliver high quality outputs.

Our focus is on the survey, forestry, security,  industrial and natural resource management industries, as well as general aerial photography and filming. We have experience operating throughout British Columbia and internationally for private and commercial  clients.

Drones offer a productivity boost for Surveying, producing much broader and denser sampling in a fraction of the time. It also provides the benefit of a rich visual aerial map and 3D model of the site as deliverables rather than sparse measurements and diagrams.

And while this technology is rapidly replacing some older surveying techniques, there is still a need for experienced surveyors to assess and make decisions based on this data. 

Our costs are based largely on travel time and the size of the area being captured, and typical costs for a 10 hectare site are comparable to a 1 day ground survey party, with the additional benefit of delivering a full digital model and colour map of the site. We can handle large and small projects.

We are usually on site for just a couple of hours and then the timeframe from capture to delivery of GIS-ready products can be as short as 24 hours.

UAV Services

Modern answers

Assessing the condition of tall, inaccessible or large scale assets has been an expensive prospect in the past, and often includes shutting down the asset and putting people in harm’s way.

Drones offer the possibility of performing visual  inspection of tall assets without the need to risk anyone’s life with rope access work, and can provide a much more thorough data capture process for your ongoing records. It is also possible to inspect many assets without interrupting their operation, for example smoke and flare stacks where previously there would be significant downtime.

More affordable inspection can lead to more frequent inspection, and therefore better spotting of issues and preventative maintenance to drastically reduce costs over time.

And most importantly drone aerial inspections can keep people in the ground and out of hazardous areas for improved health and safety in your organisation.


 Rhodes Solutions, maintains the strictest safety systems and is fully insured for public liability for the use of UAVs.

Typical uses:

Mine/quarry contour mapping
End of Month stockpile volume analysis
Road/rail alignment mapping
Bulk earthworks assessment for sub-division development
Drainage and flood investigations
Waterway erosion identification
Wetland and drainage infrastructure as built drawings

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