Modern answers

  • Defensive handgun
  • Combat Carbine
  • Shotgun techniques
  • Long distance precision
  • Force on Force
  • Small unit tactics
  • Field craft
  • EOD 1 EOD 2 EOD 3
  • First aid
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Escape and Evasion

Our instructors are always looking for the most recent training to be able to deliver up to date and relevant instruction. RHODES SOLUTIONS is also part of an International network of schools and instructors to offer you the best training available.

Law Enforcement Training

 ​Whether you are a member of an Emergency Response Team, governmental agency Reaction Force Group, a Police or Conservation Officer, active military member or just an individual looking for specific training, RHODES SOLUTIONS can provide qualified instructors to cover your needs.

Available on short notice, RHODES SOLUTIONS will work with you to organize a quality instruction event.

  • First Aid Training
  • Field craft
  • Navigation
  • GPS
  • Basic firearm safety
  • Survival
  • Fighting Mindset


RHODES SOLUTIONS provides remote-location training in a vast array of disciplines through our comprehensive specialty courses or with customized training programs assembled to meet our client’s specific requirements.  Our instructors are fully qualified with recent teaching and applied experience in their various specialties. This combination of theoretical and practical experience maximizes the value of the training time and content of the programs.  Most of our training programs are available in both English and French with most other languages available upon request.

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