Battlefield Medicine

Battlefield Medicine is one of the best tactical medicine courses in Canada.

After years of training various military units around the world using the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) guidelines we have put together the best comprehensive medical course adapted to your requirements.

Battlefield Medicine was built to answer the specifics of trauma encounter by tactical officers and security personnel, in one day.

This course is 8 hours of intense training based on TCCC principles which have been adapted to a variety of situations. Evidence based life saving techniques will help you provide the best trauma care possible to any combat casualties.

This is hands-on training using the latest medical equipment along with the issued gear, a variety of realistic and applicable scenarios, to allow students to be ready to deal with any trauma injury when the casualty can’t wait for an ambulance.

We have trained hundreds of soldiers and security professionals  in conflict zones and the reviews and comments have been unanimous both on public and internal reviews.

This is our best-selling course, widely acclaimed by our students around the world. We have delivered this course successfully to foreign police and military, security contractors in high threat locations, United Nations employees in war zones, teachers and students, remote medics, competitive shooters, hunters and firearm enthusiasts.

Take this class and feel confident and in control of the situation

Some of our customers around the world

Egyptian Police
Egyptian Police
Bangla Police
Bangladesh Police
Nigerian Army
Niger Army
Bangla army
Bangladesh Army
Senegal army
Senegal Army
German Army
German Army

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