Hostile Environment Deployment Standards

Designed to confirm or bring armed professionals up to industry standards before employment in high threat location, this two days course covers all non-mission specifics topics to guaranty new team members will be an asset and not a liability.

The private security industry expectations and regulations have pushed for high standards and qualified and vetted professional are in high demand but with professionals coming from various backgrounds, clients, employers and insurance company usually require proof of qualifications and competency.

HEDS is not a shooting course

HEDS is not a fighting course

HEDS is about standards

HEDS is a very demanding and challenging professional development course that will confirm or refresh your ability to be a valuable element to your employer, your teammates and the client , leaving no doubt about your mindset, your attitude, your efficiency and your qualifications.

During 2 days, HEDS will challenge your weapons handling, communication skills, learning ability and even your customer service level, preparing you for exciting jobs where armed security is needed.

This course combines formal drills, exercises, simulations and lectures designed to make sure you will be an effective team member with high weapon manipulation skills, professional attitude, sound technical knowledge and superior ethics.

Built with the vetted armed professional in mind, HEDS could be the start of an exciting career for individuals leaving the military or a law enforcement agency but also for the advanced shooter interested in the private security industry.


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