Original Shemagh


We have secured a small stock of authentic Shemaghs from overseas and we love them: they are much thinner than any other shemaghs in the market so they can be used in hot weather and take very little place in kits.

We like cutting them in two (diagonally) to get an even lighter and smaller multi-use rag.

Almost cheap enough to make it disposable!

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Shemagh scarf head dress is designed with woven patterns in Tan and Olive

A traditional and highly versatile article for use in the deserts by Special Forces units (and security contractors) worldwide and it is made of 100% cotton.

The Shemagh has become a staple of desert warfare. First adopted by the indigenous peoples of desert-dwelling nations like Afghanistan, the Shemagh is made of thin, breathable material designed to shield the wearer from sun, wind, and sand.

Easily tucked underneath a tactical vest when not in use, this item is part of any complete kit.

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