Risk Assessment

Following the security industry standards and using ground intelligence as well as a panel of local and international networks RHODES SOLUTIONS can provide complete and up to date Risk Security Assessments adapted to your operations and your budget.

We also have extensive experience in Medical Assessment and local facilities auditing to help you quantify, control and mitigate the risks associated with your activities.

Based on those reports and in accordance with your principles and parameters, RHODES SOLUTIONS can help you in creating a full set of documents covering all aspects of your operations. This package usually includes: Standards Operational Procedures, Safety Orientation, Expatriate Induction, Security Guidelines,  Emergencies Management Plan, Medical and Safety Procedures, Evacuation Plan, and any necessary documentation for safe and smooth operations.

Rich with years of experience on the African continent, RHODES SOLUTIONS is specialized in Low Profile Asset Protection, where real time information, local contacts, and situational awareness are more advantageous than superior firepower.

We can support your commercial operations by creating and operating local information networks that are able to present you raw or analyzed data.  This data will help you with operational decision making, from corporate to ground level.

Years of ground work in low-visibility operation theaters have produced employees proficient in creating local intelligence networks; invaluable assets when you require answers and information about security, travel, business  opportunities, and local exposure.

Recent experience covering mining operations and exploration expeditions has demonstrated how valuable this type of information service can be, and the benefits it provides to any commercial enterprise.  Examples include reducing costs across various departments, more accurate and realistic Risk Assessments, and presenting an accurate site picture of activities to investors and decision makers to keep them better informed. 


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