IFAK Lite Gen 2 - Full Individual First Aid Kit


If you have taken our "Critical Gap" or "Battlefiel Medicine" or any TCCC based course, you know that knowlegde isn't much without the proper gear. This kit and the TCCC principles will effectively save 25% of trauma casualties: the preventable deaths.

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A light but fully stocked IFAK following the TCCC guidelines.

Great for a small pouch or ankle holster.


  • CAT Tourniquet (Original guaranteed, not a cheap copy) OR SOFTT-W Gen 3
  • OLAES compressive bandage (Flat)
  • Celox Rapid Ribbon
  • Hyphin Chest seal Vented (x2)
  • NPA + lube (28fr)
  • 7.5" Shears
  • Survival Blanket
  • Gloves (XL and Large)

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CAT Tourniquet (Black), SOFTT-W (Tan)


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