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The blankets are a metalized plastic sheet, which can help prevent or treat hypothermia, act as a windbreaker, and can be worn as an emergency waterproof wrap. Importantly, their reflective property makes them easily seen from a distance, so use your blanket as an emergency signaling device.

Since they reflect up to 90% of radiated body heat, they are also widely utilized in non-emergency situations as body wraps to keep athletes warm after a marathon or other sports activity. For these reasons, emergency blankets are indispensable and carried by Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) among other emergency disaster agencies.

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Folded, the emergency blanket is about the size of a pack of playing cards. Our individually packaged emergency blankets open up to a generous size of approximately 59" by 87". Most commonly used for emergency first aid and wilderness survival, these little wonders are capable of a multitude of other uses making them perfect for 72 hour and first aid kits!


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Dimensions 59 × 87 in


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