Ankle Medical Holster


  • Elastic storage bands and pouches
  • Customizable to user preferences
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Main Pouch has a red tab for instant identification
  • Three pockets plus a 2 x 3 PALS ladder

Dimensions (open): 5.25" H x 19" W
Dimensions (intended fit circumference): 9" - 16"
Weight: 4 oz

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The newly upgraded Ankle Medical Holster is a medical kit carrier designed to be worn around the user's ankle.

Lightweight and comfortable, it can be worn as part of your everyday carry whether you are civilian, law enforcement, or military.

Upgrades include rounded corners, a 2 x 3 PALS panel, red pull tab, padding for comfort, and an improved fit.

Designed to fit a CAT or SOFTT-W Gen 3 Tourniquet, 4" Israeli Emergency Bandage, and 2 pairs of Gloves. It can also accommodate a SWAT-T, needle decompression kit or other items.


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